'A Delicate Condition'

The Evolution of Maternity Wear


During her final year, Jennie completed a dissertation about the evolution of maternity wear. A marrying of two twin passions, history and historical costume, this dissertation strove to clear modern misconceptions about the experiences of our ancestors during this temporary state as well as attempting to discern what women from the highest to the lowest tiers of society may have worn to cover their changing bodies.

A huge undertaking, Jennie had to delve deep to find information about this relatively unknown topic. She was able to examine the archives at the Victoria and Albert's Blyth Archive and the Bath Fashion Museum's expansive collection, as well as several paintings and photographs from the National Portrait Gallery and many more. She hopes that she has shed some light on taboos and banished the myths that surround the pregnancies of women past.

It was published and displayed at her end of year exhibition in Bristol. Following a garner of huge interest, Jennie is looking to publishing this dissertation in a form that will be accessible to those throughout the industry and without.

Keep an eye on this page for updates concerning the book's publication!

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